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TheRack.Co’s Custom Order Process can help.

One of our objectives is to offer you the most varied, relevant, and best strength training stuff from Earth. But it’s definitely a tall order, so if you’re looking for a specific equipment/gear that’s not being sold through TheRack.Co Philippines yet and you want it, let us know and maybe we can help you with it through our Custom Order Process (COP).



Fill our Custom Order form


For most requests, we’ll email reply to you within 1-5 business days, with the following information
  • your custom order’s cost estimate
  • additional costs – shipping,taxes,dues
  • lead time – dependent on the supplier company, country of origin, equipment type.
Most custom orders take between 6-14 weeks.


Payment of a 40% non-refundable downpayment- to be paid through the options we’ll provide you with.

Once said, please let us know so we can confirm. Once confirmed, we’ll immediately start getting the equipment/ gear for you.


Wait 🙂


Arrival, Payment of the 60% balance, and delivery

We’ll notify you when your custom order arrives. We’ll request for the 60% balance to be paid for, and you may then pick it up at our specified pick-up point, or we’ll deliver to your doorstep ASAP.

That's it!

Please be aware that once we’ve informed you of your custom order’s arrival and our ability to fulfill it, then you expressing delivery to be further delayed or simply ignoring our messages, we will only store your custom order for 45 days. Beyond that time period, whether fully paid or not, we will consider the order void, keep the payment you made thus far, and make do with your custom order as we wish. Of course, you may always communicate with us whenever you require special considerations, but please understand that we reserve the right to agree to such requests.

Custom Order Form

    On a side note, we know how scary it may feel to entrust your hard-earned money to us, especially if you’re a first-time customer. And while we can shout to the heavens we’re reeeeeeeeeeally trustworthy and we won’t steel your money, that really doesn’t hold much value for you. As a last-ditch effort to win your trust, you may check the many great testimonials we’ve earned through the years, coming from very valued customers. All of these, you may also find at TheRack.Co Philippines’ Facebook page.