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Shuhari (Kanji: 守破離 Hiragana: しゅはり) is a Japanese martial art concept which describes the stages of learning to mastery.

The athletic strength disciplines – Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman, CrossFit, Calisthenics, Sports Conditioning – are not just second-thought categories, with products to be placed at an awkward corner, demoted under the “fitness” section. With the strength disciplines’ vital role in today’s athletically driven society, a more in-depth knowledge of the community’s culture is needed to cater each lifter’s needs.

Thus established in 2014, TheRack.Co is the Strength Stuff Depot offering strength enthusiasts genuine, top-quality, relevant strength training gear, delivered with convenience and sincerity in mind.


What we push for


We hate being cheated and lied to. That's why we guarantee that all of our stuff is 100% legit, 100% no fakes.


We vouch for the products we sell. Thus, if they don’t serve you in your training as promised, we’ll fully refund or replace your item/s.


In the greatest times to be a strength athlete, we'll offer you the most relevant, even if hard-to-find, strength stuff so you can progress the way you designed yourself to progress.


Getting around the city is getting more and more difficult as traffic is simply getting worse. Enjoy no-hassle payment options and have your items delivered to your doorstep quickly, affordably within the entire country. (FYI: all small items free delivery nationwide!)


If the item you’ve chosen is the best for your need, or another that maybe a better solution, or if you'll just waste money buying any of our stuff, we'll tell you the truth. We want you to be happy with the stuff you’re buying, so if us earning means you feeling robbed, we’d rather not take your money.

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